Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Adventures

Easter is really supposed to be about The Zombie Jesus but in our house, lapsed churchgoers that we are, Easter is about the Easter Bunny, easter eggs, candy, and easter baskets. Liam wasn't quite as excited about the Easter Bunny as he gets about Santa but he was still obnoxious about it. (Who thought it was a good idea to have another imaginary being show up overnight a mere 4 months after Santa comes? Complete pain in the ass. Amirite?)

Easter morning arrived and Liam was up before the sun. He climbed into bed with us and spent his time poking and prodding and kicking and driving us completely. insane. in a bid to get us out of bed and downstairs. After an eternity of frustration we admitted defeat and took the kids downstairs.

They were greeted with this:

Liam's response? "Boy, we didn't get much."


The morning was not starting out in an auspicious fashion. We proceeded to have a discussion with him about how the Easter Bunny was not Santa and about the concept of gratitude. Unfortunately he had already found my very last nerve and started a softshoe all over it.

We spent the morning lazing around the house while the kids played with their Easter loot. I made the tactical error of leaving the baskets full of candy within reach of Jamie. Candy that had peanut butter in it. Peanut butter that he should not be eating yet because of Scot's history of nut allergies. I found him with an entire mini Reese's peanut butter cup in his mouth - wrapper and all - gnawing and slobbering on it and in general doing his darndest to reduce it to a form he could eat. I managed to extricate it from his mouth and he didn't seem to be having any trouble so I didn't worry about it.

Ten minutes later it happened again.


At that point we removed all candy from within his reach.

Later in the day I managed to get the kids in their Easter outfits and in an aliens-have-snatched-my-kid-and-replaced-him-with-a-helpful-doppleganger type of moment, Liam actually let us snap some decent pictures. I think this is the first decent picture of have of my kids together. That only took 13 months.

We spent the rest of the day at Grandma and Granddad's where Liam got to go on an Easter egg hunt around the house and yard and they got to play with more Easter loot. We had a lovely dinner in which I ate waaaaaay too much then came home and threw the kids in bed. I fell into bed at 8:30. I really know how to live it up.

Happy Easter to one and all from The Dude!

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